5 Useful Fitness Tips For Busy Professionals

fitness tips for busy professionals

It’s usual to spend long hours at work nowadays, so it’s to be expected that a lot of people say they don’t have enough time to take care of their physical health. Which isn’t entirely true, because you can always have about 20 or 30 minutes a day of training to activate your body. And those few minutes can make a big difference. So if you consider yourself a busy person, don’t worry, here are some fitness tips for busy professionals.

Many jobs are carried out in a static position for long periods of time. Like office jobs, which require professionals to sit for up to 10 hours a day. But with the following tips, you can tailor all the benefits of training into your busy routine.

1. Get Organized

First of all, forget about excuses. It’s a myth that you can’t find time to train. With a good organization of your time you can make good progress. Remember that your health and well-being come first, and you may be able to skip some activities that you do daily to dedicate a few minutes to exercise.

For example, if you spend an hour watching TV after you get home from work, maybe you could use half of that time for training. You also don’t have to push yourself to exercise the same amount of time every day. There will be days when you can barely do 15 minutes, while on a more relaxed day you may be able to do an hour of exercise.

But don’t let that put you off, it’s better to do a little than to do nothing at all. On the other hand, if you find it difficult to organize your time, don’t be afraid to make a written schedule of your routine. Make it on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge where you can see it every day.

2. Be Constant

This advice goes hand in hand with the previous one, because if you want to see changes you have to commit yourself completely. For this, you must maintain your routines for a good period of time. Because there is no use training hard after getting home from work and then spending a whole month doing nothing. That is why we tell you that this has to do with how you organize your time.

As we already mentioned, it’s better to do a little every day on a regular basis, than to do intense exercises, but in an irregular way. The idea isn’t to exhaust yourself more than you can bear, but to reach a point of well-being for yourself. For that, this is probably the most important advice.

3. Set Realistic Goals

The above fitness tips for busy professionals are complemented by this one. Because a great way to organize yourself is by setting small goals weekly or every 15 days. And that will also help you motivate yourself and stay consistent in your exercises. This way, they don’t have to be weight or measurement related goals.

Ideally, you should set goals that are realistic and related to your stamina. Did you get 15 minutes of non-rest cardio this week? Well, the next week try to reach 20 minutes. Also, you can increase the repetitions of your exercises according to your goals and thus you will stay motivated. But also take into account not to create exaggerated goals, because you can feel frustrated when you can’t reach the results you want.

Also take this into account when you perceive physical results. If you want to reach an ideal weight or measurements, it’s best to set small goals from time to time. For example, if you want to lose weight, a healthy weight loss would be on average 1lb per week.

4. Build Your 30 Minute Routines

Now this is the moment you’ve surely been waiting for from these fitness tips for busy professionals. Because you already know how to organize your time. And of course, how to be consistent and that you must set realistic goals. But surely you ask yourself, what exercises do I start with? Should I focus on cardio or toning exercises?

The truth is that it depends on your personal goals. If you want to lose weight, maybe you should prioritize cardio, not forgetting some toning exercises. And if you want to gain muscle mass, you should use some weight. But still, you can achieve a lot with little 30-minute routines in your own home. So you won’t have to go anywhere else after work, just being at home is enough.

You can even do these routines before you go to work to get your day off with a good start. Now, where should you begin?

A. Stretching And Warming Up

Something essential in training is spending a couple of minutes stretching the joints and muscles that you are going to work during the day. This will relieve you from uncomfortable stresses and injuries that can ruin your week. And then move on to a small warm-up, in which you can include a HIIT routine.

B. Strength Exercises

Continue with a few sets of upper body or lower body exercises, depending on the day. Remember to intersperse these exercises each day, to let the muscle groups rest and reestablish themselves.

C. Cool Down

Finish with more stretching for the muscle groups that you have worked to make them as less tense as possible to rest at night, or continue your workday. Likewise, if you are a little lost, there are tons of trainers on social media and fitness apps that can inspire you to create your routine without problems.

5. Don’t Forget Your Diet

We are what we eat, and we conclude these fitness tips for busy professionals with the importance of having a balanced diet, whoever you are. Because a good percentage of the results that you will see in your body will be thanks to a good diet. So eat fast food in moderation, keep your calorie intake at the same level or lower than the calories you burn daily. In this way you can burn those excess fats. And with the help of exercise, your muscles will increase and you will feel much more energy that will also help you in your work.

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