Dental Cleaning System (DCS001)


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Quickly give a SPA for my tooth-----Haolilai Microcomputer for cleaning teeth
1st. Haolilai,Just one minutes,dispel tooth bacterium spot,in addition to dental stains!
Just two minutes,dispel tooth stone,in addition to halitosis!
Just three minutes,return your pure and shining tooth!
It can specialize in dispeling dental stains,tooth stone, So It becomes a tooth healthy protects angel.
The first set of home washing tooth products in the world. Haolilai Microcomputer for cleaning teeth , it became the best choice to wash tooth for people .because it completely canceled various worries of tooth and solved the six greatest evil of washing tooth in  hospital. It completely absorbed the science result of prehuman. Such as: used the most advanced ultrasonic technology,  particular safety frequency of the CHAMPION,design of humanization,super and strong functions,convenient operation. It can compeletly protect tooth health and return your a good tooth,you will feel delightfully fresh in you mouth.!
2nd. Four greatest functions for haolilai microcomputer for cleaning teeth instrument:
1.      dispel dental stains and restore tooth ture colours:it can restore tooth ture colours and dispel smoke stains with blach colour and brown colours ,tea stains,coffee stains. Let tooth even sheen ,extremely keen.
2.      dispel tooth stone and keep tooth from taking off early :it can dispel stone  around tooth and keep tooth cleansing it also can prevent tooth stone from destroying the tooth root and the tooth bed .let you tooth even health.
3.      dispel peculiar smell in your mouth and get away from halitosis:dental stains and tooth stone  was the main reason of the halitosis .so moving dental stains and tooth stone  will thoroughly dispel the source of the halitosis,let tone more delightfully fresh and dispel the harassment of mouth cavity stange smell.
4.      prevent mouth cavity disease ,improve the quality of life:the tooth  was the bacterium’s multiplies it will cause the mouth cavity hygiene if you have a bad health habit. Such as: the inattention mouth cavity hygiene ,the gum be burning ,tooth week burning ,qu chi etc .it also affect directly other organs of your body dispel dental stains and tooth stone  can keep mouth cavity hygiene and prevent mouth cavity disease. You can enjoy a good taste life if you have a good tooth and a good healthy body ,good heart feeling.
3rd. Families clean teeth selection of eight major reason for HaoLiLai
It completely absorbed the science result of prehuman. Such as :adopt the ultrasonic technique with up to date, particular safe frequency of the CHAMPION,design of humanization,super and strong function,convenience operating. It can compeletly protect  tooth’s health and return  you a good tooth.
1. Special technique,have no aching feeling;it adopted special CHAMPION ultrasonic technique.the work top point doesn’t bring heat. You have  no aching feelings .
2. Safe and effect,don t hurt tooth;the stone calculas was stronger than dental stains. It must be district when you washed tooth,Haolilai mirco-computer wash machine can district the different  functions of the dental stains and the tooth stone. So it avoided the defect of function confuse . It was fit to various of people. it more science and more valid.
3. Person specially assigned for a task,have no cross included the work knife of two sets of independence head. eradicate radically cross infection that because of disinfection halfway result in various infectious disease cross infection.
4. Without  water operation,operation vivid .Need not meet the water and have no limited for use .you can use in living room,bedroom,more suit a family usage.
5. The design with inside light. Usage convenient ;inside light source . the design  is special and practical. it was very operated easily whenever in day or at night.
6. The automatically protection ,decade good quality ;have a special hour auto break power protection precedure .adopt internation lead technique.
 effectively guarantee 10-year quality.
7. Enjoy for whole family,have a good boon. It can operate independently at home. It can save money and time for the whole family enjoyable
8. Protects a tooth, mouth cavity hygiene; Some people think that six months can wash a tooth, this is not correct. because of the tooth stone can be formed at any time .It will be became very strong in one month. So we should have a good habit to washing tooth in order to protect a tooth and keep mouth cavity hygiene.
Haolilai Microcomputer for cleaning teeth will let you keep off the bane of dental stains, tooth stone , keep off the harassment of halitosis, let the healthy beautiful tooth accompany with your whole life;The tone is more delightfully fresh, more happy every day.

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